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Nexus Legal Cash  provides risk-free litigation financing for plaintiffs with pending lawsuits:

  • Quick & Simple Application Process
  • Courteous & Friendly Staff
  • Quick Turnaround
  • No Credit Check
  • No Employment Requirements

Personal Injury

Many plaintiffs experience extreme financial hardship as a result of their injury. Faced with overwhelming adversity, they frequently turn to their attorneys for money. Nexus Legal Cash is ready to provide pre-settlement loans to your clients!

Don't let your clients settle for a fraction of what their claims are worth simply because they can't afford to wait. Pre-settlement funding from Nexus Legal Cash  buys time for you and your client, leveling the playing field and enabling you to win, fairer, larger settlements for your client.

Litigation finance is risk-free for both you and your client. Litigation financing is not a loan, but rather a contingent advance against a pending case. If there's no recovery, your client keeps the money and owes us nothing!



Some of the types of cases Nexus considers are: 


  • Personal Injury
  • Auto/ vehicle accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Premises (Slip/ Trip/ Fall) Accidents
  • Sidewalk/ Stairwell/ Walkway Accidents
  • Subway Accidents
  • Workplace and Industrial Injuries
  • Product Liability Claims
  • Dogbites - Burns - Other Injuries


Which Cases Qualify?

Any claim with good merits may qualify for funding. We typically require the following:

  • Compelling liability
  • Defendant's ability to pay
  • Documented damages


Funding Process

Our application process is simple and straightforward. We value your time, so we work around your busy schedule. After receiving your client's consent to review his/her case file, we will briefly discuss the case with you over the phone and review the supporting documentation (e.g. police reports, medical records, and pleadings). A litigation funding decision is usually made within 48 hours of receiving the supporting documentation. Any information we use to help us make our decision is kept strictly confidential. Once your client is approved for pre-settlement funding and signs a Claim Investment Agreement, we will request that you acknowledge our lien. Your client makes no payments during the pendency of the case. If the claim is successful, your firm will pay back the advance from the proceeds of the settlement when any other lien holders are also paid. We do not participate in the case in any way whatsoever.


Call us toll free at 1-877-956-3987 or.Have us contact you?

We look forward to doing business with you.


Ethics Opinions

The Bar associations of many states, including New York and New Jersey, have issued ethics opinions specifically permitting attorneys to refer their clients to litigation funding companies like Nexus Legal Cash .


Attorney and Law Firm Funding

Personal injury attorneys make justice available to the average person by taking cases on a contingency basis. Naturally, the issue here is that the attorney and law firm ends up fronting all the expenses of the cases they accept, and that often can put a strain on their cash flow.

That's why Nexus Legal Cash is also involved in pre-settlement funding for attorneys and law firms, as well as their clients. While a client receives litigation financing against a specific case, Nexus Legal Cash provides pre-settlement loans a to law firm against a one or a bundle of cases.


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