Broker Referral/Independant Broker Program


Nexus Legal Cash committed to offering one of the most comprehensive Broker Referral/Licensing Operator Programs in the fast growing legal funding industry.


Broker Referal Program


For the first time or passive broker, Nexus will compensate you at a more than modest commission rate for any case you introduce to the firm. Nexus will immediately take over all maintenance of the case and forward to you your referral fee at closing. It is a great way for a full time career person to earn supplementary income without ever lifting a finger.


Independent Broker or Licensed Operator


Nexus is able to license its brand, funding products, advanced training/marketing techniques, and any and all necessary support services to you or your company in order to put you in business for yourself. We offer you a wholly owned Nexus office, allowing you all the benefits of the Nexus name and credibility in the market
place, while allowing you your full autonomy to grow your business independently. This type of relationship enables you to control your own destiny and maximize your earning potential, while receiving the necessary
support and contacts to not only educate you about the industry but to facilitate your work flow. Since you will maintain your own cases and pay your own bills, Nexus will pay you an aggressive payout, while taking a small licensing fee. This strategic partnership can allow you to be in business for yourself in a growing and exciting industry virtually overnight!


To inquire about our Broker Referral Program/Independant
Broker Programs contact us at one of the below outlets:


Ph: 877-956-3987