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Commercial Trucking


A commercial truck can be defined as a commercial vehicle such as an eighteen-wheeler or large freight carrier. Such commercial vehicles travel large distances across the United States, on highways and interstates, transporting a large variety of commercial goods from one destination to another. Unlike other vehicles traveling on our roads, commercial trucks and freight carriers can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds, which is approximately 26 1/2 times as much as an average passenger car weighs. As a result, commercial trucking accidents involving smaller motor-vehicles or other commercial vehicles can have devastating results on all parties involved.

What are the possible dangers of commercial trucking accidents?
Because of their large size and heavy load weight, commercial trucking vehicles can pose a significant danger to other vehicles on the road. In the event of a vehicle collision, passenger cars can be smashed or crushed by the larger commercial vehicles.  Commercial trucks are also unable to come to a full stop quickly, which makes them prone to collisions with other vehicles. In addition, truck loads can be spilled during a collision causing further vehicle accidents on the road.

Industry findings and commercial trucking accident statistics?
The commercial trucking industry is a very large industry that is heavily regulated. Government rules and regulations are intended to ensure the industry is safe and creates the best possible road conditions for other passenger vehicles and drivers traveling on our roads. Federal regulations include a cap on the total number of hours a commercial truck driver may operate his vehicle per day, as well as how many hours of sleep are to be logged by the driver. Despite many industry safety rules and government regulations implemented, commercial truck drivers have been known to fake logs documenting driving and sleeping times, and use both legal and illegal stimulants to remain active and alert beyond the healthy daily amount.

Due to the high pressure nature of the profession itself, and the pressures trucking companies put on their drivers to get to their destinations as quickly as possible with their loads, stressed commercial truck drivers can often be involved in tragic accidents caused by human error. In addition to driver fatigue and the use of illegal substances, other commercial trucking accident causing factors can include driving at excessive speeds, unsafe driving, improper securing of commercial loads, and poor truck maintenance. In all of these cases, passenger vehicles sharing the road will be detrimentally affected by the accident causing commercial vehicles.

How do you know if you have been affected?
If you have been involved in a traffic accident involving a commercial vehicle, such as an eighteen-wheeler or other commercial vehicle, and suffered injuries and property damage, you have been affected by a commercial trucking accident. As a victim of a commercial truck accident, you deserve compensation from the responsible parties. Unfortunately, commercial truck drivers are often employees of large trucking companies, whose insurance companies employ legal representation in an attempt to skirt liability for injuries and damages caused. As a result, commercial trucking lawsuits can become very time-consuming and costly legal endeavors that require ongoing funds to continue the lawsuit and pay for legal and living expenses.

What are your Remedies if You Have Been Affected by a Commercial Trucking Accident?
If you have been involved in a commercial trucking accident, are currently pursuing a commercial trucking lawsuit with your attorney, and require funding to continue your suit, you qualify for truck accident lawsuit funding. Contact one of our experienced and knowledgable legal and pre-settlement funding experts at Nexus Legal Cash today for more information on how the lawsuit funding process can work for you and benefit your commercial trucking accident case.

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