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Nursing Home Abuse


Our legal system places a duty of standard care upon nursing homes and their employees and/or agents in the treatment of elderly persons. A breach of this standard of care, which results in damages caused by the breach, gives rise to a lawsuit in nursing home abuse.


At Nexus Legal Cash, we specialize in providing the lowest rates for settlement advances in this very complex niche wherein damages inflicted upon victims are sometimes difficult to ascertain. We offer lawsuit settlement advances for various types of nursing home abuse cases, including:


- Physical Elder Abuse

- Emotional Elder Abuse

- Elder Neglect


Some signs of nursing home abuse might be the following:


- Bedsores

- Broken Bones

- Unexplained Injuries

- Malnutrition

- Dehydration

- Unexpected Death


Nursing home abuse cases sometimes involve multiple doctors, nurses, hospitals, in-patient and out-patient facilities, and other entities. As such, the discovery process is often long and drawn out. Due to the complex nature of these cases, plaintiffs face serious financial hardship as the bills keep coming. Often times, plaintiffs simply do not have the financial resources to wait for years before being compensated by the careless health care provider.


For these reasons, we provide the lowest rates for settlement advances now against the proceeds of your case. In other words, you do not have to pay us back, if you fail to obtain money for your case. The risk of the lawsuit loan is on the lender. You get the money you need now, so that you can focus on the important things.

We provide the lowest cost legal funding in the industry. Our pre-settlement cash advances afford our clients the staying power to ride out the rough times so that they can get the proper amount of money in their lawsuit.


Obviously, no amount of money can compensate a victim for the losses resulting from nursing home abuse. However, lawsuit funding is a viable option for medical malpractice cases because the money can be used to lessen the financial burden on the family while the case progresses. This is important because without the pressure to settle, your attorney can use his skills to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for your troubles.


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