Hip Replacement Recall Claims

We have funded lawsuits against DePuy / Johnson & Johnson on behalf of victims of the ASR hip replacement from across the country. 


 How can you find out if you have a DePuy ASR Hip?  


If you don’t already know what kind of hip implant you have, you should contact your orthopedic surgeon’s office and ask for the make and model of your hip implant.  If you have a DePuyASR hip replacement, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss your options.


What are the signs of failure?


Only your doctor can diagnose a failed ASR hip implant.  The symptoms associated with the hip replacement recall can include swelling, pain and difficulty walking. Persistent symptoms can signal a loose implant, fracture of the bone around it, or dislocation of the implant’s ball and socket.  Your doctor may want to take an x-ray, a bone scan, or blood tests to help diagnose whether a failure has occurred.


Is there a deadline for filing a claim?


The short answer: Yes.  DePuy has consistantly taken the stance that the victims in these lawsuits have waited too long to file his or her claim and is not entitled to any compensation.


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