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A Lawsuit Cash Advance When the Bank Says “No!”


Plaintiffs come to us for a lawsuit cash advance to pay pressing bills because the bank has turned them down for a loan or they know they will be turned down. Nexus Legal Cash can make lawsuit cash advances to plaintiffs who do not qualify for conventional loans because we approach the entire process differently. Rather than looking back at your credit and work history, we look ahead toward the settlement you expect to receive from your pending lawsuit. And if we agree that you have a strong case, we will advance you cash and wait to be repaid when you either win your case or reach an out-of-court settlement. If you lose, you keep the money and you owe us nothing!


A Lawsuit Cash Advance When You Really Need It!


Understanding that you are applying for a lawsuit cash advance because you really need the money – and you need it right away – we’ve streamlined our application process to produce the fastest lawsuit cash advance turnaround. We make a funding decision within 2-3 days of receiving the documentation we need from your attorney. When we approve you for funding, we fax the agreement to your attorney to save even more time. And as soon as we receive back your completed paperwork, we issue a check that day and we overnight it to you!


No Application Fees! No Monthly Payments! No Risk!


At Nexus Legal Cash, there are never any up-front charges of any kind. And there is no risk on your part. If you apply, but we cannot fund your case, you are only out the few minutes it took to apply by phone or on-line. Once you’ve received your cash advance from Nexus Legal Cash , there are no monthly payments. Or any other payments of any kind. We are paid back from the proceeds of your settlement, and only if your win your case!


Remember, However, You Need an Attorney


If you believe you have a valid claim, but you do not yet have an attorney, we cannot assist you until you’ve engaged an attorney.  



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